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Bernard "Budd" Warshauer - 1969

Name: Budd Warshauer

Birth Name: Bernard Warshauer
Birth Place:

Martial Arts Practiced: Taekwondo
Rank: Black Belt

Occupation: Teacher, Computer Engineer

Spouse: Zulah

Childern: Wendy Warshauer, Silvia Warshauer, William Bronner Warshauer

Notable Students: Frank Argelander


Bernard Warshauer (02/14/1931 - 08/08/2006) Was an America Martial Arts Instructor, and one of the 5 top USA specialists in the printed circuit industry.

Personal Information

  • First marriage: Sylvia Canaday, divorced.
  • Second marriage: Patricia Hammerlee, divorced.
  • Third marriage, Zulah.
  • Children: Daughters Wendy Warshauer, Silvia Warshauer. Son, William Bronner Warshauer (deceased).

Life History

The son of a Jewish immigrant who worked as a reporter for the Associated News.
His parents were divorced and he was raised primarily by his mother. Towards the end of High School, Warshauer entered ROTC to train as an Air Force Officer. After his service in the Air Force, Warshauer re-enlisted in the Army and served in the Korean War. Stateside, Warshauer met and married Sylvia Canaday. Budd and Sylvia had one daughter together. After this first marriage ended in divorce, Warshauer met and married Patricia Hammerlee. He fathered one daughter and one son.

Patricia Hammerlee was an actress and dancer on Broadway and was in the cast of "New Faces of 1952" starring Eartha Kitt. It was during his marriage to Patricia Hammerlee that he developed an interest in Martial Arts, specifically Taekwondo Taekwondo]. Although Budd had a job, family and college courses to balance, he found time to learn the craft of Martial Arts and became a Master in Taekwondo. He opened his own studio in 1970 in Glendora Ca.

Warshauer then began a consulting business in Southern California.

Warshauer met his third and final wife, Zulah, and continued his life-long quest to earn a college degree. He achieved that goal, earning his Business Degree from Huntington Beach Community College in 1988. He passed away on August 8, 2006, in his sleep.

Taekwondo Training

Bernard "Budd" Warshauer - 1969
Bernard "Budd" Warshauer - 1973 - Kicking Mike Murphy – Glendora Taekwondo class

Notable Students

Frank Argelander aka Frank Landers


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  • Picture of Bernard "Budd" Warshauer were contributed to Frank Landers by Patricia Warshauer, Budd second wife.
  • Biography was contributed by Budd Warshauer daughter, Wendy Warshauer.